Gastritis? H pylori infection? Naturopathic remedies from Mexico

Ntural cure for bacterial gastritis

In Mexico the “Cuachalalate” tree or Amphipterygium adstringens was described XVI century  and has been used during many centuries before that. The amazing thing about the bark of this tree is that it is effective at treating ulcers, gastritis and cutaneous wounds. There are trials to confirm that is a good treatment for “helicobacter pylori”-the stomach-ulcer provoking bacteria-. The bark itself has skin regenerating properties (helps peptic ulcers) and some specific extracts have anti inflammatory and antibiotic properties, Therefore in Mexico It is used commonly to treat ulcers, cancer of stomach, gastritis, hemorrhoids and cutaneous wounds.

You can buy it online, or in a Market if you are ever around Oaxaca, the usual recipe involves boiling 3 (three) kilos of Cuachalalate bark in sixteen (16) liters of water for a period of 5 (five) hours, pill forms are prepared from that extract as well.

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